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I am these many.  I am the lights, dancing, reflecting, . . . I am the passing trucks on the highway.  I am jack's liver.  I am the mighty Susquehanna.  I am the disturbed duck's cry.  I am longing.  For definition.  For this something everyone is so certain about.  What was it again?  I am present.  I am brimming, overflowing.  I am human-imposed light dances on river-rain mighty drops.  I am the mountain, cut into, highway trafficking patient.  I am.  You are.  That, in space, floating.  This gravity defines and binds us.  I am awake and waiting.  Clouds raining.  Duck cries again.  Why is there no?  Wheretofore?  Hitherhence?  Maybe in the ever after?  For why? I am, now.  Breathing.  Pleading.  Where can have this se
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 0 0
let me have this place, to grow
plant & weed, & meditate ...
to be quiet & watch the sun play
with leaves & grass & home.
let me have this peace, which, when
uttered leaves a linger
the balance of a finger laid to dirt
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rant 0001
I do not know where to start.  I cannot start.  The audacity of assuming I could describe the beginning is insane.  It has been ever rolling since before I joined this earth.  I want to write everyone I love, write them letters tonight as if I possess knowledge of my imminent death and this is the last time to extol their strengths and beauties multiplicitous, to share a laughter, to encourage a peace.  I want to express compassion but can't.  People laugh with each other, two leave the party and those remaining continue to laugh and talk about and judge those who left and their social displays.  I want none of this.  I do not want to waste a moment.  I do not want to talk incidentals and personal pettiness.  I want ideas, concepts, a new flavor of truth.  I feel tangible pain, a sadness, at seeing so kind and gentle a person be self-detained in their recurring and self-constru
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a fiction's preface
     This world entails much the same as our own.  The people are varied.  Sometimes they deal with their differences healthily and sometimes not.  The style of narration is often meant to be neutral while witnessing to a variety of lives, of views of truth and how it could be sought.  If you are incapable of tolerating certain ridiculous practices, if shock value alone is enough to irrevocably set your opinion in stone, then you will probably set the book down at some point with a disturbed look on your face.  And, might I note, you might want to move away from fiction to a safer genre like, oh, childrens books.
     One man's junk is another man's hobby.  One man's junk is another man's bottle deposit.  One man's junk is another man's feast.  One man's junk is another man's boat.  Humans are a bacteria, but a bacteria with a keen eye for beautifu
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 2
honor-bound and seeking,
distinct jagged edges of personality
are every direction.
bruised left knee, a small
v of a cut on my forehead bleeding.
Let's try this direction!
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 0 0
concious existentialism
there is a question mark peering
evermore, ever-constant, endearing,
enraging, engaging in undermining & clearing of
boldness & answers are of use
in seeming to appear strong
but brute close-minded strength
is obtuse
there is no proof
of anything
existential checkmate is the first move
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 0 2
day job existence
work my day away, learn &
please, the customer deems
my existence necessary.
Tool's minor key tones drone in
blissful constant monotony, the music
constantly present, my secret,
my existence.  The same things adorn my wall as yesterday.
Masturbatory coffer-filling, can i
get my morning coffee-meaning, brilliance,
caffeine-induced existence.
YAY do inane things faster iteration-tense,
for sixteen pence.
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 2
snow, furling
in and up.
falling somewhere
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 0 0
heron's forever now by poiesisHagakure heron's forever now :iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 0
non-attachment in smoke
     HA! I sit here caffeine-induced, inundated, mystified, heartbeat
pro-rated, techno pumping, boredom abated, boredom consulting, ...
     wondering about this moment, the next, these mute small items
in my life, & weighing their worth,
     I thought of writing you.  I think of writing on my fiction,
but strike as that does in a flash, there've been no floods
recently.  Letter collecting I've done, as a letter-collector I'll
be.  A wandering spirit longs for a solitary path it can recognize.
A melody.  A harmony.  A beauty-spouting wind instrument.  A
generic cliche-spouting jaw flapping in the wind shares a
forum with a sage, shares a breath of the same fresh air
with a flower, shares the sunlight with billions of miles.
The sage judges flapping jaw and wandering spirit walks by
both.  Remove & unearth.  Put your left hand in, p
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marathon meditation
cold wind window-through passing
technologic wordful beating, drinking
& beating the drum enter entrancing
dior windowless glasses. living is dancing.
tiesto enter daft punk dreaming,
there is a place where there is no meaning
seeming, seamlessly driven. living,
breathing, no thoughts, no need to, seeming...
alive. & dreaming.
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 0
husband and wife, part two by poiesisHagakure husband and wife, part two :iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 0 husband and wife, part one by poiesisHagakure husband and wife, part one :iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 0
the dew
Echoes beat and reverberate
     no beginning but fading
The same words repeated, tension greater
     no ending but new beginnings
Ignore the drums or take up the beat?
     awareness is.  I am.
Drum beats growing.  Echoes reverberate.
     flames flicker to each other.  the dew is.
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 2 1
this desire to create, to destroy
rain falls lightly, almost plentiful
as friends' words.
i drink sake in isolation,
a sin? who is bearing guilt,
myself or the world that leaves me be?
chicken or egg?
heap up your rules, your standards,
your knowledge of good & evil, &
light it with personal conviction. proceed
watch it all burn around you.
(this is no end
(this is only a beginning
:iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 2 0
Follow the Grey Brick Path by poiesisHagakure Follow the Grey Brick Path :iconpoiesishagakure:poiesisHagakure 1 0

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if i were to die now, my death poem-

cool wind caress
grasshopper song ever continuous
a generator shut off,
a truck started.

I think I see the natural world as real, authentic, & those parts of the world artificial as inauthentic.  At least it is a semblance of consistent definition, ut artificial is, after all, just a word.  If I look at the real things (what is a word but some physical movements and sound to abstract that real thing into a commonly agreed upon sound?) concrete, these buildings, the playground are just reconstituted items.  They are all things that priorly existed with their forms remolded by man's mind and effort.  My body is a large amount of eggs, cereal, dirt, water, and other things reformed, though not necessarily by my concerted thought and effort.  Therefore might man's efforts be no less authentic than a growing plant?  Although I can understand the logic of this last statement, I don't ever think i'll accept it in my heart.

the buddhist/existentialist conflict:
What is, is.  There is nothing else.
     But, because things 'are' does not mean (in existentialism) that I must accept them as the ultimate form possible (or even as a desireable, as praise-worthy, or even as functional [many conflicts here: one should note & respect past actors that have helped create today, of which there are billions upon billions , & we will always be naive in this appreciation]).  A strong awareness of possibilities, of capability frees one to better interpret the direction of peoples' & organizations' actions, & gives one a greater possible clout in affecting the future because the individual cna act wit hgreater clarity of direction in their own endeavors.  The world is, & I'm pleased or more likely displeased by this or that, & the world could be THIS!

I've been listening to the learning series in my car, or to silence and the day around me.  A few things that have stuck with me:
Hiedigger's (sp?) three approaches to the world:
Aesthetic- pleasure seeking.
Ethical-- people geared toward developing their ethics/morals.
religious--- self explanatory.

also, psychologist Mark (right first name?) Cohlberg's work on Morals.  There are:
--heteronomous actors
--autonomous actors
...when it comes to one's definitions within morality.  Heteronomous actors consider the opinions of others to be very important when forming one's own moral sensitivity.  Autonomous actors oppose this stance on principle & their moral sense is entirely based on their own epistemology & incubated moral senses.

This dichotomy --- & the notion of one individual's moral sense requiring that they alone act, despite no one else acting morally by the same ethics (autonomy)---  makes me think of a saying that I cannot place-- I wish I could remember its source.  I want to say it was my aunt Becca but I cannot be certain.  The saying is that the philosophy of 100 years ago is the mindset of today.  This comes to mind because in my constant musings about popular approaches to life & different individuals' life philosophies , I've tried to cultivate an awareness of that dichotomy but I've never given it such a concise definition --- heteronomous and autonomous.

I think that in popular methods today of personal exhibition, in personal interactions with others, the autonomous worldview is a proclaimed & sought for ideal.  This speaking-of, personality-projection of autonomy is coupled with a mostly heteronomous set of morals, albeit a heteronomy of smaller groups than perhaps Socrates & the 'polis.'

I've said to myself recently that I want to meet those people of the ethical sort.  As in the Kerouac quote, those people that burn, burn, burn... without ever saying a commonplace thing...
I want to meet those people autonomous (& truly, not just extoling the virtues of autonomy yet not making it real).

I want to find others that are constantly panning the river, for whatever is to be found.


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